About us


A fruit grows that makes you travel in time.

A fruit that dries its seeds in the shade for 5 days, smells like morning dew on mountain grass and is planted in fertile black soil after five months of developing strong roots.
It has a flavor of tradition. Its flavor is enhanced by the experience and passion of more than three generations of family coffee growers. Continuously nourished by Mother Nature, it shapes the landscape.
A fruit that is born with the color of the Colombian mountains that blooms after ten strong days of sun, with the first drops of rain. Smells of time, since all crops need time to develop.

It is harvested eight months after flowering and when it matures, it brings the colors of the sunset.

It is collected one by one in baskets by a thousand hands, carefully selected every afternoon and dried for hours, before being roasted. This fruit flows through the veins of the collectors, preserving its smell, as it carries all their efforts and dreams.

A fruit that tastes, smells and has the color from Flower to Fruit. It looks, feels and smells like the Colombian mountains.
At Flor a Fruto we have a fruit that you will not be able to forget.

Through time